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preparing for your session


I love shooting neutral colors! I feel they're timeless. I always recommend neutrals.


Try not to match or have everyone in the same outfit (with exception of mommy and me minis). For example, everyone wearing jeans and white shirts or crazy patterns, especially some stripes, they can photograph funny. Avoid super warm colors like orange or neons. When you're planning your outfit, think timeless. You're going to want to look back at these images and think, Wow, I still love these images, not oh no why did I wear that!​ I would totally recommend that you wear something you're comfortable in.  It will show if you're tugging or trying to suck it in.​


I normally bring a blanket or things needed to sit down at the location we select. But if you have little ones bring their favorite toys.​



Going back to the timeless thing, nothing too trendy, but hats and scarfs are welcome! I also strongly advise necklaces and bracelets. You know, the girly glam. ​


The 'style' of the session is totally up to you! I always say dress it up just a bit or put some effort into your outfits. Its not everyday you get your photo taken! ​


Do your makeup a little darker than your normally would. Eyeshadow and blush and  bring your lip gloss! Glowing lips look romantic in those up close images.


Don't worry about it! We are going  for the natural and casual VERY LAID BACK! Don't worry though, I will be giving you direction. You're going to want to keep it touchy feely, look at each other, cuddle up, play and interact! Sometimes you will think its silly but you will get your image and be like "oh my gosh thats so sweet, and we were just having fun"! Note to the dads, these sessions are often painless, fun, and totally worth it!




This is the most important aspect of your session, besides you! I highly highly recommend you follow these guide lines for times even if you have littles.
Sunrise and sunset are the best times to shoot.


SUMMER/SPRING                               FALL/WINTER 
BEFORE 9AM                                      BEFORE  10AM

    AFTER 6PM                                        AFTER 4PMTIPS:

what to wear

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